About us

For the first time in Hungary, a conference on cooperation between the corporate and cultural spheres is being organized with an international perspective. 

The Art is Business Conference seeks to provide the widest possible range of examples of how and along what opportunities the two areas can work together and complement each other.

At the beginning of the organization process, we were still thinking according to the “old order” of the world. We wanted to follow well-established systems that are already operating in different parts of the world, but for several reasons in Hungary they could not be developed or even started. An unexpected crisis hit the world during the planning of the program, heavily affecting the whole world and, with it, the arts and culture sector. Therefore, we had to start planning again almost from scratch and focus on adapting to the “new world order” in regard to the theme of our conference.

The most important element of the program is the presentation of international examples. We consider it essential to impart forward-looking and immediately usable knowledge to those present. After all, the key to development and success is to obtain up-to-date information and integrate it into daily operations.

In addition to international projects, we consider it important to present and bring together Hungary's leading artists, entrepreneurs, brands and projects, so that their experience makes it easier to navigate a world in which it is often hard to find direction and guidance.

We recommend the conference especially to those who are decision makers on the corporate side or working in the fields of marketing, communication and HR; representatives of the cultural market, managers, heads of institutions, marketing and communication professionals. We also welcome students who are interested in arts management.

We have tried to design our program sincerely and professionally, which we rightly think can help both the corporate and cultural sectors.

We look forward to seeing you all!

The Conference team