14 May

9am - Cultural sponsorship today

The introductory presentation of the conference aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the situation in Hungary, in which the emphasis is on the (rare) connection between the corporate and cultural segments and the practical implementations concerning basic sponsorship, support and patronage.

Máté András Balogh – Art is Business, director; kortársPRos, owner


9.25am How do companies think?

The art and for-profit worlds have a hard time finding connections. If you have ever wondered why this could be, roundtable participants are going talk about why and how they built successful strategies on culture.

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Zoltán Gazsi – Eisberg, managing director

Mónika Debreczeni – Vylyan Winery, manager

Gábor Kepecs – Aegon Hungary, founder of the Aegon Prize, member of the Management Board

9:25am - What challenges will private funds have to face in the upcoming years?

Independent organizations that help actors of the art market in a variety of ways are important cornerstones of the cultural scene. On an international level, there are many cooperating parties, while in Hungary there are very few examples of this. In addition, one cannot really find any funds that judge culture on the basis of investment criteria – the discussion is going to try to find the reasons for these shortcomings.

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Gábor Mondik – Creative Europe, head of the Culture Sub-Program

István Arnold – Summa Artium, director

József Török – Venture Capital, partner


11:25am - HR meets culture – Employer branding, responsible corporate thinking and art projects

In recent years, companies have become more and more concerned with the needs of their employees. It has been becoming increasingly important to them to make their employees feel as comfortable as possible in their workplace and thus become more reliable, loyal and high-performing employees. Artistic activity can be exponentially helpful for HR. How can the values and solutions provided by art be integrated into the world of corporate workshops?

Keynote speaker: Andrew Hetherington, Business to Arts (Ireland)

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Zoltán Lerch – Schneider Electric, HR director

Katalin Márton – Praktiker Hungary, HR and CSR director

Bea Palya – singer

Bence Harsányi – Momentán Theatre Company, founder

15 May

9 am - The performing arts and the patron attitude

Whichever branch of the performing arts we are talking about, it is a necessity to have a circle of supporters made up of private individuals. The discussion will mainly revolve around why someone chooses to become a patron, what this means for them and the artist they support, and what it takes to make this relationship progressive and satisfactory for both parties.

Keynote speaker: Helen Cooper, Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme (Great-Britain)

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Péter Perjési – CEO at Intelligent Power Solutions Ltd.

Gábor Egri – Müpa, director of marketing and development

Anna Gáspár – Manna Production, director

10am - Theater and cultural sponsorship – are there any traditional methods in 2020/21?

In many parts of the world, the involvement of companies in the theatrical scene is quite common. In Hungary, apart from a few positive examples, we see no signs of this at all. The discussion is going to look for the reasons as to why it turned out this way and what it would take to change this.

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Endre Eölyüs – Mastercard Europe, director

András Salgó – BMW Group Hungary, corporate communications manager

Attila Béres – National Theater of Miskolc, director

Viktória Rozgonyi-Kulcsár – Jurányi Incubator House, director

11am - Fine arts and money – Why is it beneficial for a company to cooperate with the representatives of visual culture? 

A lot of surveys show that among the branches of art, the presence of corporate support is most visible in the fine arts. Why and how did this come about, and what quality does this branch have to garner more than half of the cooperations?

Keynote speaker: András Szántó, Andras Szanto LLC (USA)

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Linda Bérczi – Budapest Art Mentor, director

Gabriella Liptay – KPMG Hungary, head of marketing and communications

Attila Ledényi – Art Market Budapest, director

12am - Future challenges – How can culture help the long-term communication and thinking of companies? 

In times of crisis, attention to culture and the arts is always diminishing. How should the attitudes of both the corporate and the cultural side be changed in order to maintain and, in some cases, strengthen mutual trust and openness? What could be the key to future collaborations?

Key speaker: Barnabás Batta – MITTE, partner, strategy & communication

Participants of the roundtable discussion:

Orsolya Erdődy – Budapest Festival Orchestra, deputy managing director

Gergely Légrády – Oppenheim Law Firm, partner

Tibor Orlai – Orlai Production Office, director

Daria Dodonova - Magyar Telekom, chief financial officer 

Head of the conference: Alinda Veiszer


Art is Business is an initiative to connect the for-profit and cultural segments, consisting of a magazine, private events, an award and an award ceremony.